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1932 Huddlesons establish resort, calling it Huddleson’s Resort

1941 Oehlers buy resort, change name to Oehler’s Resort. 5 or 6 cabins

1940s Shed with ice and sawdust to store fish (no refrigeration), lodge built

1971 Tiggemanns purchase resort and rename it Birch Ridge Resort. 11 cabins, 15 aluminum boats, and a pontoon

1979 Harbor built

1985 Sucker Bay Road blacktopped. Used to have 96 curves in the road, now only 23

1995 Frank & Ann Alianello (daughter of Earl & Verlyn) buy resort from Tiggemanns

2004 Duplex 12 & 13 bought from Rock Springs’ auction to replace old trailers

2005 1st slot limit placed on walleye.

2007 MN state bans smoking in public places